About Us

HeartsPanda.com is home to a family of Pandas known Hearts Panda.

What gives them their family name and makes them special is the heart shapes around the eyes.

And the inspiration? 

The very first Hearts Panda was born as an idea for a painting that was to be a gift for a very special little girl named Kaylen!

When she saw that first Hearts Panda painting, she lit up like a little Christmas Tree!

Her wide open eyes and beautiful princess smile were enough to melt my heart. 

From there, I started to create and add more little panda characters to the Hearts Panda Family. And now here they're availbe to everyone here through the Hearts Panda store HeartsPanda.com! 

Would you like to know about new additions to the Hearts Panda Family before they are made available to the general public?

Make yourself an Hearts Panda V.I.P! Join the club for special notifications on new characters and Hearts Panda products ASAP. Just pop in your email below to let us know then confirm your email and you're in the "Hearts Panda V.I.P. Club!"